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Logo Vaxxinova


Logo Vaxxinova
  • Taking care of lives.
    Feed the world.

    Since the world is the world, evolving is a trait of our personality.

    Yes, the world demands that we are always on the move and that's why our lab of ideas keeps reinventing itself.

    Join powers.

    We are now Vaxxinova,

    We believe in the prevention and technology of the last generations.

    We advance towards the world of innovation.

    Our purpose is to take care of lives and feed the world.

    This is the Vaxxinova world!

    We tread a solid path in Animal Health with two fronts.

    We serve the pet market with the Biovet brand, with all our passion, taking care and longevity to dogs and cats, with the new positioning of "Vet for All".

    And the Vaxxinova brand, even more comprehensive, specializing in the health and high performance of farm animals, with solutions not only in products, but mainly in people.

    Our active ingredient is PEOPLE.

    Our foundation is GLOBALIZATION, with no contraindication for expansion.

    Our success formula is the focus of each new SOLUTION.

    Of course, with large doses of RESEARCH, we want to see the future with all our life experience.

    We want you to be even more proud to be with us on this journey, living our way of facing challenges, with more productivity in the field, expertise in high quality and evolution in our product portfolio.

    Believe me, our business has no borders, because the VAXXINOVA WORLD is a world of possibilities.

    We are a team passionate about performance and excellent results!

    The future of animal health passes through our hands, with confidence around the world, bringing solutions close to you.


    Welcome to the Vaxxinova World!

    Produce solutions with excellence to meet the needs of the world veterinary market, ethically offering products and services, seeking profitability, satisfying our customers, shareholders and employees.


    Be respected and recognized, as a company of international standard, for the efficiency of our employees, and the effectiveness of our products.

    • Honesty
    • Responsibility
    • Ethics
    • Reliability
    • Transparency
    • Commitment
    • Uniqueness
    • Pro-Activity
  • For Vaxxinova, animal welfare and food safety are inalienable precepts.

    For this reason, at every stage of the development and control of quality of products that will improve the lives of our patients (animals) we have the monitoring of our CEUA - which is an ethics committee on the use of animals, composed of internal and external members - duly accredited by the National Council for Experimentation Control Animal (CONCEA), linked to the Federal Government.

    In this way, we ensure that all methodological procedures required by national and international authorities are adopted for the production and control of our biological, pharmacological products and supplements, which are safe and ethically responsible, especially in relation to the premises of well-being animal. We do this for the benefit of the health and respect of the animals themselves.